How to research content for your blog in 2023

Blogging becomes a difficult task without Content research skills. 

Many times, bloggers make a blog on such a topic about which they do not know much. After writing some content, they do not have a content idea, so they do not understand what to write next in the blog.

I have written this article today to solve the Content Research problem of new bloggers.

In this article, you will get to learn how to research content for your blog. I have told you about 15 steps to research content for your blog. After following these steps, you will never have a shortage of content.

What is content in the digital era?

When you search for any queries in a Search Engine, then many results appear in front of you. The results are in many formats, such as (Videos, Text, Images, and Audio) we call it content.

If you want to get information about something, search for it on the internet with the help of a search engine. And the search engine will show you a lot of results.

If you have searched in Google for any topic, you see some videos in the search results. You can watch that video by clicking on it. So, the video that you watch, we also call the video content.

Apart from this, if you want an image of something, you search for it in Google, and the image that appears in the search is also called content.

What is Content Research?

Before knowing How to research content for your blog, you need to know what is Content Research,

When you want to get information on any topic or keyword or any subject, to get information, you are doing lots of research about that topic. So, we call that process Content Research.

In Digital Marketing language, Content Research is a process in which Popular and relevant Content Ideas are found through Online Tools and platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, etc.) that your Target Audience likes.

How to research content for your blog?

Content research is most important for blogging. Because if the Content Research is good, then the content will also be good, and the users who read it will also get to read good information.

Apart from this, you have a lot of advantages in this because if you give valuable information in your blog, then the readers of the blog will read your article completely, increasing the engagement time of your blog.

15 Steps of How to research content for your blog.

  1. Use Google Question Hub
  2. Use Quora
  3. Research Content through YouTube
  4. Research content from social media
  5. Use blogs related to your niche
  6. Research content with Google Trends
  7. Use online content research tool.
  8. Find content from Wikipedia
  9. Explore Books, Magazines, and Movies
  10. Use Google News
  11. With the help of Google search
  12. Use Google “people also ask”
  13. Help of Answer The Public website
  14. Use your experiences
  15. Follow Twitter

Google Question Hub

How to research content for your blog? Google Question Hub is Google’s product, specially made for Creator only. By using this, you will get many content ideas for your blog so that you will not need to find a topic to write a post.

With this, you can do better research content for your blog. And you can write high-quality and SEO SEO-friendly articles for your blog. And you can ask questions related to your topic in it, whose answer you will get very soon.

Use Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website with innumerable questions and answers. Quora is the popular option to solve How to research content for your blog.

Today, Quora has become a very popular platform of social media where you will find crores of users who keep posting various questions and their answers on Quora. Quora is the best way to find Ideas Topic for a Blog Post.

The first way is to search your blog Niche on Quora; here, you will find many topics and questions related to your blog Niche. You have to take such questions that have been followed by more people and answered by very few people.

content research using quora
content research using quora

The second way is to follow all the forums related to your blog Niche on Quora so that whenever someone asks a question in the forum, you can write a blog post about that topic.

The third way is to find the most viewed question answers related to your blog Niche on Quora and write a blog post on the same topic.

Friends, not only will you get a New Blog Post Topic from Quora, but you will also get traffic on your blog. The answer has to be written in the Summary type, and to read the complete article in the Last, add a link to your Blog Post so that people who have to read your complete article will be directly redirected to your blog.

Research Content through YouTube

YouTube can also be a better option for new research content for your blog. By typing your niche in YouTube’s search box, you can see what people search about that niche.

Apart from this, you can subscribe to your niche-related channel. When a new video is uploaded to that channel, you can write a blog post by picking up the topic from that video.

You can use the YouTube trending page to find trending topics from YouTube. It is a separate section of YouTube. This section shows a comprehensive list of videos that are currently trending.

research content using youtube
research content using youtube

This means that by searching the content topic in this way, you will get completely new content, and since the content remains new, the chances of getting more traffic are also high.

Research content from social media

You can also use social media to do research content for your blog. Almost all internet users use social media. On social media, you find many groups related to your niche, which you can join.

People ask many different types of questions in the group so that you will get content ideas. I use Facebook a lot to do content research.

You can find a lot of Content Ideas from popular blogs related to your niche. First, you must find big blogs related to your Niche through Google and then search for content. Apart from this, you can also search for content from your competitor’s website.

Google Trends is also a great tool to another answer of How to research content for your blog. Research content topic ideas by Google trends. People rarely use it for content topic research.

But this tool is very useful for content topic research. It is a way that people use the tool-less because this tool gives you new and relevant content topic ideas according to your niche so that you are ahead of your competitors.

How to research content for your blog in 2023

People use Google Trends to find trending topics related to their niche. However, you cannot do complete keyword research in this tool. It only hints at what people search on Google regarding a broad topic.

Using this tool is very simple. First, go to Google Trends and type the main topic.

When you type your main topic, Google offers you two search options –

(i) search term

(ii) topic

Both of these show different search results. That’s why you try both options alternately.

First, search your topic with the search term and repeat the same process with ‘topic.’

When you click on search, some search result comes before you. You get a lot of options to narrow down those search results.

content research from google trends
content research from google trends

You can choose a particular region, time, category, and type of search, like -Google, YouTube, image search, etc., to narrow your search results. In this way, you can get better content topic results by applying your niche-related filter.

Apart from this, you can also see the “related queries” section.

Here, you can see all the search results with the help of the left-right arrow. You can also see the rising and top queries using the top menu drop-down.

From related queries, you can choose a topic related to your blog niche and go to Google and search for that topic to see what kind of content Google shows in the search results.

In this way, you can use that topic as the main keyword, and by searching the entire keyword, you can use SEO-friendly keywords and long tail keywords for your blog.

Use Google News

Google NEWS is help to research content for your blog. There are many NEWS websites around the world. A NEWS website is such a website that covers every contact. And some news sites work on a particular niche, like any news website that gives you the stock market news. Some news websites only give you entertainment news. Some give you only cricket news.

For the niche you are working on or whatever topic you are working on, search for that topic on the news website. And you will get a lot of contacts. I am not just telling you; I have implemented it myself and got very good results.

As you know, all this news website is linked with Google News. Not only news websites many blog websites and article websites are linked with Google News. So, if you go to Google News and search for your topic, you will get many results at once and get many contacts. You can extract contact ideas for your blog from them.

Use online content research tool

Content research tools or Keyword Research tools like – Semrush, ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo are some of the tools that help you find content ideas or Keyword ideas for your blog. Apart from sharing the content found in these tools on social media platforms, you can also search for blog topic ideas with the help of these contents.

Do you Find free of cost Content research tool? Google Keyword Planner is the best option to find or research content ideas for your blog for.

It is very easy to use these tools. You must type the keyword or niche in the text box and see what type of articles appear in the search results. You can also type the URL of a blog in the text box of these tools and see which blog posts are performing better so that you, too, can write the same type of content in your style and post it in your blog.

But keep in mind that do not copy someone’s content completely, but try to write content in your way after reading their content.

Find content from Wikipedia

If you are a blogger, you must have heard the name Wikipedia; articles are available on this website on many topics and in many languages, so after selecting your language, search your topic to see many articles. This will very much help you research content for your blog.

Through them, you can also create content for your blog, make your blog popular, and earn money from that blog.

Explore Books, Magazines, and Movies

Explore Books, Magazines, and Movies is another option to research content for your blog. The topic on which you want to write a contract, you research on the internet. But it would help if you also researched it in books and magazines.

In my personal experience, you get many things on the internet, but there are many such things you will get only in books.

That’s why you should also read books and magazines on your topic. Movies should also be watched on top of this if it is available. Through this, you will get a lot of content to write for your blog.

Search engines is the best option to research content for your blog. And Google is the Best Search Engine in all over the world.

Google is the best tool to find content topics for your blog. It is very easy to find content topic ideas in this. You have to go to Google Searches and type your main keyword and search queries.

You must have seen that when you type a keyword in Google’s search box, Google recommends search results related to that main keyword, as we have shown in the screenshot below. From there, you can easily pick up the content topic for your blog.

research content form google related search
research content form google related search

Apart from this, there is another way to find content topic ideas by Google search. You type your main keyword in Google’s search box and then individually type the letters a, b, c…. etc…

For example, if you are searching in Google about digital marketing, digital marketing is like an ocean. That’s why you have to narrow down your search. That’s why you have to use long-tail keywords.

How to research content for your blog in 2023

To do this, you type ‘a’ after digital marketing in the Google search box. When you type A, Google will suggest many related keywords.

How to research content for your blog in 2023

Use Google “people also ask”

If someone wants some information about any topic, they go directly to Google and search by typing it with question words like “how to” or “what.”

You must have noticed that when you search by typing a keyword in Google, after some search results, “people also ask” is written below, where there is some question-related topic related to the keyword you searched, which people search. | You can also choose the content topic for your blog from there.

How to research content for your blog in 2023

Help of Answer The Public website or People also ASk

Friends Answer The Public or or People also ASk are keyword tool that shows keywords in the form of questions like how, when, why, etc. To use this, you have to go to Answer The Public’s website, and in the search box, you have to select country language, etc., and search by typing the topic of your blog. After that, you will get many blog post topic ideas from Answer The Public.

Answer the Public
Answer the Public
People also ask
People also ask

Follow Twitter

If your website does not work on any particular topic. You write articles on all topics. So Twitter will help you a lot to write topics. Because Twitter is such a social media platform where big people tweet.

Every day some or the other topic goes on trending, if you follow Twitter then you will come to know about every day’s training topic and you can easily write an article on it.


You learned How to research content for your blog with the help of these 15 methods. Now you do not have to worry about how to find new content topic ideas for the blog? You can find new and better content topics by following the 15 easy methods given on this post.

Once you get the content topic idea, you can make an editorial calendar of at least one month. By doing this you will get rid of the hassle of finding content again and again and it will not only save your time but will also be helpful in maintaining consistency in your blogging. As a result, your blog post will perform better.

I hope you liked this post. Follow our website for more such informative blog posts. Do share this post as much as possible so that other people can also take advantage of it. If you have any kind of question in your mind, then feel free to ask your question in the comment box.

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